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The Benefits of Coaching

A coach is part advisor, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager and part strategist.” ~ The Business Journal

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Coach will guide you as you work towards your desired goal. They also empower you to look within as ultimately, all the answers we want, are within us.


A Coach will take a holistic approach when assessing your life goals as everything you desire is intrinsically interwoven. They will look into your past as it impacts the way you think today and also consider your future goals.

A Coach will help you raise awareness around your own beliefs and blocks that may be holding you back. By making the mindset shifts and changing your behaviors, one can transform their life and become more fulfilled.

As your Coach will also ask you questions that may be uncomfortable for you but rest assured you're in a safe space with us! We hold everything in confidence and are here to support you and keep you accountable as well. We will ask questions based on what you've told us, experienced and would like to achieve. 

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The best case scenario is when a Coach and client are in alignment with each other. That means that they have mutual respect for each other, understand that they are build a trusting relationship and are open and honest as well. They will work together so that their Coach can help move them forward towards their end goals. 


I used to doubt my capabilities even though people would tell me that I was highly skilled and experienced.

I had low self confidence, often telling myself that I was not 'good enough' and that I would never be successful.

I am a life long learner and would always look for the answers in those books, never trusting my own intuition. 

I learnt how to create healthy boundaries because I wanted to stop being a people pleaser. I no longer feel guity when I say 'yes' to what I want more of.

​It brings joy to my heart when I hear my clients say 'a-ha' on the coaching call when they realise that they've been holding themselves back. 

It is even more heartening when my clients identify how they've embedded these change in their life as the magic takes place after our call. Implementing the changes into your daily life makes it easier to work towards becoming your best self.


I love working with women who have a win-win mindset. They want to live a thriving life and know that they have what it takes to do. They are aware that there is a missing piece and take inspired action every day.

I'm very authentic and feel it's only right if we both mutually agree that we can work together. It's an investment you're making in yourself and I am the vehicle to help you reach your goals.  

I use a holistic approach as I believe that we are a whole person and that all of our different parts are linked. That is the good, the bad and the ugly! They all have something to tell us!  


I am non judgemental and offer a safe space for you to be open and ask me any questions. You are free to share your joy, tears and silence. 


You're done looking at 'shining objects' knowing the answers do not lie in another Book, Podcast, Webinar, You tube video or self-paced online course.

​You want to empower more women and help them reach their full potential by closing the gender equality gap.

You feel safe in your comfort zone, which is absolutely normal, but also acknowledge that growth takes place in an  uncomfortable space.

You don't want to continue working in the same way knowing that's not what got you here today!

You want to become more assertive and say 'no' to working longer hours you want to stop sacrificing your family time, sanity and health. 

You want to want to become confident and stand up for what you believe in without fearing judgment or rejection. 

You want to make decisions that have a positive effect on the team and help reach the business goals by taking responsibility for your actions.  

You are ready to fail forward and learn on your way up knowing that this is part of your soul's purpose to be, do and achieve more.

You don't want to stay in your current role for another five years not having made an impact in a way that helps your team grow. .

You know that you've been holding yourself back but don't understand why even though you keep trying different things.

You want to stop making excuses such as 'I know everything and don't need help' and invest in yourself with a Coach as your guide.​​​​

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Want to learn more about our coaching programs?


Coaching helps to uncover blind spots, change behaviors and thoughts that directly impact your daily life. It’s an excellent way to support leaders who are transitioning into a new role or taking on bigger responsibilities in the organization.

Coaching will also help them get crystal clear on their vision and goals knowing they have a clear pathway.

It will also help them overcome any challenges or obstacles they face knowing they can resolve problems. with the support of their Leader or team. 


Changing the mindsets and dynamics of a team begins with identifying and modifying unconscious biases. Many leaders will say they don't have the time or the resources to make these changes.


Considering employees are your main resources, it's best to start with them. 


Together, we will help you be seen as the expert you are in your role as a leader.

Help you authentically show up at work as lead your team with assertiveness and empathy.​

Help you overcome your fear of making the wrong decisions which you feel may impact your credibility

Help keep you accountable and also guide you as you push through the challenges and growth pains. 

Help you courageously and boldly stand in your power and believe in yourself and skills.

Help you emotionally detach from difficult conversations with your team members.

Help you create time freedom, flexibility and fun so you can spend more time with your family.


I will be championing and cheering you on along your self-discovery journey!


I will ask powerful questions that will help shift your ​self-limiting beliefs so that you truly believe in yourself and your dream.

I am dedicated to seeing you succeed and have clarity with your career goals so you know which direction you are heading.

I am non judgemental and my clients know that they feel safe to share their challenges, desires or vulnerable moments.  

I will provide you with tasks to complete after weekly sessions which will help keep you accountable and focused on your goals. 


A 60 Minute Pre Coaching session with you.

12 Weekly one on one (60 minutes) sessions 

Access to Zoom session recordings.

Access to your Coach in between sessions via email or Facebook Messenger during working hours.

A Private Whatsapp Group where you can share your wins, woes or ask us any questions..

360 degree feedback from 3-5 team members.

On the job observations.

Hands on exercises including

Group role playing.