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About Nazlee

Nazlee began her coaching business after going on a self-discovery journey and learning how to overcome her own self-limiting beliefs which were mainly instilled by her childhood experiences.

In her adulthood, no matter how hard Nazlee tried, she couldn't shake the self-doubt, lack of self-confidence or ability to not trust herself. She would either make quick decisions without thinking of the impact or spend weeks trying to decide on something. 

She would also spend a lot of time studying believing she had a 'growth mindset' and also grateful for any external validation she received from others. Other people's view of her was more important to her than her own. 

This pattern kept her back from applying for jobs that she knew she was capable of doing. She would then self-sabotage her efforts in the interviews when she was selected. This would reconfirm her belief that she was not good enough nor worthy of being offered the role. 

She had been told as a young girl by people close to her and a few teachers that she was not good enough. This was her core belief which her subconscious mind had held onto. 


It was liberating when Nazlee discovered what self-limiting beliefs were and how one can overcome them. 

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Self-limiting beliefs are the negative thoughts, mental blocks and the stories we hold about ourselves and the world. They can impact us negatively and limit us from achieving our goals. They have the power to make or break us as our mind is a powerful part of our brain which controls our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.

We operate on a subconscious level so much every day that our actions are automatic. When you wake up in the morning, you automatically head to the bathroom, the kitchen, and then to your car to head off to work. It’s not easy to realise that we’re stuck in the same situation or unable to ‘see the woods for the trees’ as we’re on auto pilot.  

It helps to slow down, pause and take stock of our lives before we burn out or become ill. When we take the time to reflect on our lives, we often realise that we’ve been using thoughts that do not serve us.


Enter self-limiting beliefs! These are negative thoughts, beliefs and blocks which sit in our subconscious. This is the 90 per cent of our brain which we don’t access as much as we need to. are deeply embedded within our subconscious.

''I learned a long time ago the wisest thing

I can do is to be on my own side.”


She enjoys empowering women who are in leadership roles and helping them reach their full potential and thrive in life. By raising awareness on how self-limiting beliefs hold us back, we can work on reframing them and creating new ones.

It will help them shift their thinking to become more inclusive, lead with confidence, change negative behaviours and safely challenge other colleagues biases as well.

Becoming inclusive leaders enables them to build teams where employees feel psychologically safe, valued and have a sense of belonging. A workforce with people who are talented and from diverse backgrounds will bring their different experiences and perceptions which will benefit the Organisation. 


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