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Join the 4 Week BOOTCAMP Program. Discover how you can launch your business and book your first client before 2021 is over!


Do you?

Have a burning desire to build your own successful business but struggle on how to get started?

Have a fear of failure which makes you doubt yourself and your skills?

Do you have too many ideas buzzing in your head which keeps you overwhelmed and stuck?

Feel you need $50,000 to start your business which sounds impossible so you shelve your ideas?

Feel you need more hours in the day as you juggle motherhood and your full time job?

Lack the confidence to take the first steps in building your dream business?

Sit and wonder how other successful women are generating a second income? 

If you said 'yes' to any of these questions, then this Bootcamp Program is for you! 

In this 4 Week 'Book Your First Client in 30 Days'
Bootcamp Program we will cover:


Your ideal client is more often than not your former self.  Together we will create your Client Avatar based on your past, present and future self. 


Content is King! Together we will create a 30 Day Content Strategy which will help you connect with your ideal client without you feeling overwhelmed. 


Do you hate learning about new technology? Together we will help overcome your tech fear so that you can confidently create a free workbook  or checklist using Canva.


Do you find selling 'sleazy' and intrusive? Learn how to sell from a place of exchanging value with your client. We will create a simple Sales Strategy to help you book your first client in 30 days! 

These are the results you can expect 

Confident Woman
Using a Computer
Gift Time

Get crystal clear on who your Ideal Client is and provide them with an offer they want and are willing to invest in.

Create your 30 day Content Strategy, using

3 pillars of your Irresistible Signature Program. Create an automation system so that you can plan and post your content in advance.

Overcome your fear of using technology. It's part of our daily life and one that we can learn how to use and leverage to reach our potential clients globally.

Learn how to overcome your fear of rejection. Your confidence will help you sell your services to prospective clients from a place of gifting your expertise in exchange for money well earned. 

What you will receive

Online Class
Online Meeting
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4 Weeks of exclusive Group Coaching with like minded women. We will meet on a Zoom call once a week for 60 minutes. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have, share your wins and cheer each other on.

I will be your Accountability Partner as well. We will chat on Facebook Messenger in between the weekly calls as much as you want. This will be during office hours as well.  

You will receive a beautiful 'Book your first client in 30 days' digital workbook which will have exercises and tips in it. These will help you get crystal clear on your ideal client, create your free offer and book your first client whilst still employed.

An added bonus is a FREE 30 minute coaching session with Nazlee on a goal of your choice. We will help you get clarity on how you can achieve this goal so that you can start 2022 with a bang!


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Meet Coach Nazlee

I knew deep down in my heart that I was meant for more.  I knew that my superpower was to help more women accelerate their own journey so that they could reach their goals.


I could see the potential in them. I could also see the glint in their eyes and hear the passion in their voice as they spoke to me about what their business would look like six months from now. But their fear of rejection and failing was keeping them stuck and overwhelmed. 

Just like me they had been told many times that they were 'not good enough', 'will always be second best' and 'will never be successful'. It just wasn't meant for people like us. 

But I decided that I would put my faith before my fear and asked God to show me what I needed to start my business. To bring people into my life who would support me and make me feel safe to be around. To provide me with people who would keep me accountable so that I would not lose hope.  

So, if you are stuck or unsure about how to start your business - know that everything you need is within you. Anything is possible because if God brought you to it - He certainly will bring you through it!

I get you.  I too once wondered if I would have to work until I retired at 68.

I used to say that I was 'too busy and had no time' as I juggled motherhood and my full time job.


I thought I would need to put in a lot of effort and money and that it may still fail in the end. 

I wondered who would buy my services as I didn't believe I was worthy enough of receiving money. 

I would scratch my head and ask myself 'where would I even start'?

Worst of all, my confidence had taken one too many beatings from people who I thought would support me, so how could I believe in myself when no one else would?

I soon realised that I was holding myself back, standing in my own way and not working towards my dream. It left me feeling frustrated, annoyed and wondering if this is what my life was meant to be.


The truth is, you only have to believe in yourself - you know deep down that this is your calling and you want to build your dream business.


Together we will help you get started and support you so that you don't become overwhelmed and compare yourself to other successful women online.


We will help you identify how being a perfectionist keeps you stuck as you want every piece of work to be of a high standard.


Together we will show you how to show up online as the expert so you can connect with your ideal client who is waiting for you to help her reach her goals without fearing rejection. 

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